Faithbox Unboxing and Review

It’s finally here!

I love getting packages in the mail, so I’ve been doing some research on all these monthly box subscriptions everyone is doing. So far I’ve just done a Stitchfix box and this Faithbox, but I’m also looking into a scrapbooking box and maybe one of the meal boxes.

*Disclaimer – I was not contacted by Faithbox to do this review; all opinions here are my own and I paid for the box. There are a few links within this post that will take you to the Faithbox website with my referral. If you chose to try Faithbox and use my link, I’ll get credit toward my next box.

Okay now for the fun stuff…

A little overview about Faithbox:

Faithbox is a monthly subscription for a package filled with inspirational devotionals and merchandise that help you grow your faith. Christian based; the company will send you hand-picked items from companies and artists who produce eco-friendly and ethically made items. For every box purchased, it provides three bowls of rice for hungry kids through the Rice Bowl initiative.

Okay, now let’s see what’s inside!


Impact Guide – this little book is a great guide to all the goodies inside the Faithbox you recieve. It’s got a nice overview of the goal of the Faithbox company, and descriptions of each item.

25$ Krochet Kids Online Store Credit – I have heard of Krochet Kids before, in my research of fair trade items. I never looked too far into it, but I’m glad I got the reminder! Krochet Kids is an awesome program. Basically, they help impoverished women in under-resourced regions by teaching them sewing and crochet skills, and then selling their hand-made goods to the world. Their model provides a job, education, and mentorship to ensure a sustainable healthy life for the women and children they are helping. I can’t wait to use my credit!

Everyday Faith – a 30 day pocket journal. This is what I was really interested in checking out from my box. I had read in the Faithbox website that in every box there’s a devotional (something I have been evidently craving for a while). Crave is a weird word to use, but it’s true. I’ve been so focused on academic material that I’ve completely put my everyday quiet time on the back burner. I’m hoping with this little booklet, I can keep it with me in my purse or backpack and find 5 or 10 minutes throughout the day to read it. Being mindful about my time with the Lord is a top priority for me.

Denik Notebook – It’s like they know me! I’m into all things paper and lettering. This awesome little notebook has “Can’t Stop Us Now” printed on the front in gold foil. This company uses it’s profits to build schools and help support the artist who designed the notebook. This one was made by Tobias Saul.

Get Stuff Done: Hustle Poster – This fun little print came inside the box too! I haven’t decided where to put it yet, but I like it’s encouragement to stave off my procrastination. I think I’ll use it starting next month since it has a 30 day check off printed on the back.

Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins – I pretty much just tore the packet open and tried these as soon as I saw them in the box. For vitamin gummies they really weren’t bad! I like that they are non-GMO and eco-friendly sources of omega-3’s. I already take a prenatal vitamin most days, and I believe that your best source of vitamins come from the food you eat, but I don’t see much harm in adding a little supplement to your day (especially if your last few meals haven’t been healthy at all). I would give these a try!

Just Love Coffee Sample with free mp3 download by Tenth Avenue North – What a great combination! Coffee + free music = YES. This sample of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural smells so good, I can’t wait to try it! I’ll have to wait until I pick up a shift at the hospital, so that I can share it with my coworkers. The Just Love Coffee company offers ethically grown and harvested coffee, and they do wholesale for fundraisers. Apparently Tenth Avenue North likes coffee too – they included a free mp3 download!

My overall impression of Faithbox is really positive. I love everything from the packaging to the motivation behind each item. The only downfall that I’ve experienced is their customer service has been kind of terrible. I’ve called twice and left messages to cancel my subscription (not that I want to, but right now I need to be budgeting HARDCORE). If I could, I would just buy a whole year’s worth but I just can’t. They don’t have an option on the website to cancel online, so you have to contact their services. It’s really frustrating – mostly because I want this box to succeed! My hope is that they’ve had so much business that they are way behind on other things – and that they’ll get back to me soon. I’ve just sent an email to them so I’ll keep you posted!




I tried Stitch Fix… and I loved it!

*This post contains affiliate links*

You GUYS. I just received my first Stitch Fix box, and I am in total shock. I loved it! My sister-in-law Tiffany had been posting about it on her blog, so I decided I needed to try it myself. I was skeptical, because I felt like letting a total stranger pick out clothes for me would be a disaster! I’ve never really been good at deciding on a certain style, and I’d say I’m mostly eclectic anyway. I like to change things up. This stylist though… she knows what she’s doing! Melissa S. did a great job finding pieces that I liked and that fit really well.  I had read that adding a Stitch Fix board to your Pinterest helps your stylist tremendously. I’m already addicted to Pinterest, so I started one immediately!


I couldn’t wait to tear into the box that was sent right on time. I love that they have a tracking system! Each article of clothing I pulled out made me giggle with delight because YES it felt like CHRISTMAS! Great colors and selection. I had mentioned to my stylist (they let you add notes on the website) that I am always looking for great fitting jeans and mom-friendly tops. Here is what they sent me:


LEFT: The Avena Sleeveless Split Neck Top and Joey Skinny Jean in olive by Just Black

MIDDLE: Catarina Knit Top

RIGHT: Cristen Shirt Dress and Lavania Lace Knit Top

If I had the money, I probably would have kept all five pieces! If you purchase all five items you get a hefty discount, but I just didn’t have the budget for it this time. I was torn between keeping the jeans, the sleeveless split neck top, or the teal striped knit top. The lace top and shirt dress were cute, but not my favorites and more pricey than the others. I decided to go with the split neck top and return everything else. I’ll just have to save up for the jeans another day!


Stitch Fix makes returns SUPER easy. They sent a pre-posted bag with the box, so all I had to do was throw the return items in the bag and drop it in the mailbox.

Based on my first stitch, I would most definitely recommend this to my friends and family. For me, I like that I can get stylish clothes without spending hours at the mall (because I have so much free time as a mom – eyeroll). I also just love getting things in the mail! I’ve already scheduled my next fix.

Stitch Fix also has a referral program! For every referral that you make, you can get $25 dollars in credit toward your next stitch!  The credit appears in your account when your first referral receives their first stitch.

Want to try it out? Feel free to use my referral link here. I’d love to know how your first stitch goes. Leave a comment or a question!