Miss Kim & Co. – Potosi, MO

Hey there! If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you already know that I’m a huge fan of small businesses and fair trade. It just so happens that this past month I got to visit another small business (in my hometown) which is TO. DIE. FOR.

Around town if you even say “Miss Kim’s“, most people already know what store you’re talking about – and often begin to gush about what a cute little shop it is. I feel like I’ve stepped into Pinterest when I step into the boutique, and so of course I had to add it to my list of Hometown Shout-Out Posts!

Miss Kim Smith is really one of the first people I noticed that was willing step out and work hard to make downtown Potosi look better. Previously, she owned her own photography business (she did my senior photos), but she told me in our interview that owning a shop was always in the back of her mind. Her parents owned an antique shop in a smaller town a few miles away, and she must have inherited the drive to own a well maintained business because seriously – this store is adorable. I don’t really have to explain… just look at these photos!


Miss Kim & Co. catches my eye every time I drive through Potosi – she painted the outside and makes sure her window displays are on key. She has so many goodies inside like clothing, jewelry, and home decor.




I couldn’t help myself… had to pick up something for a friend’s birthday. A great little canvas zippered bag and some pink earrings…Perfect!



Introducing… THE Miss Kim! You see that Magnolia shirt she’s rockin’? I was secretly jealous.


I’m so thankful for her and all the people that have helped her with the support of her small business. You can really tell that she has put her heart and soul into her store, and that it’s more than just a shop, its a love. Make sure to go visit today!

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Hometown Shout-Outs

I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time in my little hometown recently. I still work there PRN as a nurse in the hospital, and our parents live there so we take our baby girl to visit them whenever we can. I have to admit – I have a love/hate relationship with the town. I have some bad memories that just won’t go away, and they steal my joy when I’m there. Rural areas like ours have low resources, and since the population is so small everyone is in each other’s business. Then again, small towns are great because most people are still neighborly, and you can almost always find a helping hand when you need it.

For the longest time it was difficult for me to drive down our main street because the buildings were empty or rotting, and the businesses that were there just looked like they were struggling to survive. Down the main street strip there’s a lack of parking, and although we have sidewalks, they are functional at the least. The city does their best to keep it clean and when Christmas rolls around they put up lights, but without anyone walking around to enjoy them the street lacks energy. The town sits on an intersection of highways 8 and 21, both of which could provide visitors – if they had anything to visit! Highway 8 is actually becoming known as a “wine trail”, which I feel like we could use to our advantage.

In the past few years, however, things have seemed to change. At least four or five new businesses have stripped out, refurbished, and moved in to the charming little brick frameworks that line the lane. A little paint, a little hard work, and a little love completely changes even the most dark and desolate looking shop! I’m so thankful for the women and men who are taking on the task of rebuilding what I call “downtown”. I always had the urge to take part – buy a little brick and mortar store and put in a bakery, or a boutique, or a cafe. Alas, I’ve not been blessed with the opportunity or the funds to do so – so I’ve┬ádecided that I’ll try and help out by putting a spotlight on these local businesses!

For the next few months, I’ll be featuring a post on these little jewels that are springing up in Potosi, MO. You can take a peek at one I’ve already done to see what they will be like: (Click here for my Lillybugz Children’s Boutique Review).

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Tuesday Rewind

Hey readers! Just thought I’d do a little “Tuesday Rewind” and show you what I’ve been doing the last week or so.

I re-opened my Etsy shop after a long sabbatical, and I’m glad I did it! Getting to work on little projects that have been swirling around my brain has really lifted my spirits. Here’s a few photos of some of my work that is still available in my shop: Purple.Desk.Designs

Some Hand-Lettered labels for the books of the Bible:

Hand-painted Canvas:


Purple Desk Bouquet:


And I’m working on more listings for the end of this week!

Also, I was able to spend some personal time decorating my week in my Happy Planner:


So… there is a quick catch up! Have a happy Tuesday!