DIY Painted Desk – Before and After

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I’m always up for painting or decorating something. I’ve always wanted a beautifully organized desk area with a space for each of my many tools of organization, but it seems that I always end up using a kitchen table or dining room to store and stack my “junkstuff”. “Junkstuff” is the word my dad uses to describe most of my craft  and school supplies. I have to stay, that’s pretty accurate.

One day when I was browsing for even more junkstuff at the local goodwill, I came across this adorable little wooden desk. I gave the clerk ten bucks and it was mine! It was in good shape and small, like me. I’m sure it was rejected by an average sized person, but for this shortie it works just fine.

Before....I debated on colors and knobs for what seems like an eternity. Yep – even made a Pinterest board just for desk decor! We don’t own a house right now, so I didn’t really feel pressured to make sure it matched the rest of the apartment… I just decided I wanted to do something fun and something that made me happy. Thus the purple color. I mean if I’m going to have to do homework or pay bills on this thing… it better make me happy!

To start I took off the old metal handles. They were in good shape, but I just felt like they were not my style. I filled in the holes with wood filler and sanded them down.


Then I got to work on the base of the desk. With some light sanding and  few coats of Rust-oleum spray paint + primer (found on discount at Menards), the desk really started coming to life!


I settled on a white top with matching footers, because I felt like it gave it a little dimension. The knobs I purchased at Hobby Lobby are not conventional but I like them a lot. The middle drawer has a pull made out of agate stone…(squeee!!!). I love stone and wood and organic looking items.




My next job is to get all my papers, washi tape, stickers, inks, and paintbrushes organized into the desk. I am pretty pumped about finding desk organizers and decor in the coming weeks. Perhaps Goodwill will bring me another great find – we will see!



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