The Babymoon – Hawaii

This Sunday, Bryce and I will have been married for six years! It seems like so much longer than that, probably because we dated off and on through high school and college. It has flown by, especially now that our baby girl will turn ONE in November.

In honor of this beautiful celebration in our lives, I’m dedicating this post to my husband who is also my cheerleader, my rock, and my soul mate. I could go on and on about how fantastic he is… but I thought I’d share with you a time that he went above and beyond his calling as a husband and father. This would be when he took me on a BABYMOON!

taking a

What’s a babymoon you ask? (and so did he when I mentioned it). Wellll it’s this fantastic idea that a couple dedicates some time alone before the baby arrives and the word “alone” is completely cut out of the vocabulary for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Seriously. Kind of like a honeymoon, and definitely a great excuse to go on vacation.

Some couples stay home and relax, while others – like us – go far far away. The islands of Hawaii were on our travel bucket list and we thought it would be the perfect romantic getaway. I have to mention that by the time we got to Hawaii, I was seven months pregnant… so it made everything a little bit more difficult. I also needed to make sure my OBGYN was okay with me going, and that the baby was healthy enough for us to travel. Thank God all was fine and my doctor happily okay’ed the trip with one condition – that she come with us. She didn’t get to, but I’m sure we would have all had fun together 🙂 If you are considering a babymoon please please please make sure your doctor knows and has checked you off with a good bill of health before you travel! With recent outbreak of the Zika virus, it is an absolute necessity to do so. Follow me by email to catch my upcoming post about tips on traveling while pregnant. Here’s  one… make sure you elevate your feet whenever you can, to avoid swelling!

241 copy

Traveling to Hawaii is expensive, no matter how you try to get around it. We are blessed to have parents who are members of Wyndham Vacation Resorts Inc. There is a points system through Club Wyndham which you can purchase and use at different hotels and condominiums throughout the United States and Beyond. They let us use some of their unused points to get a lovely condo on the Big Island of Hawaii, right on the water. The Big Island is considered the newest of the islands, since it is still growing by lava spill. There isn’t a lot of sand because of this and you see lava rock everywhere you go. We had to do a bit of driving to find beaches, but they are easy to find!


It just so happened that my parents-in-law had been talking about going to Hawaii – so they actually went too! I think usually babymoons are taken separately as a couple, but the condo had two beds and two baths and it was fun to have them around. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Of course you can always get a hotel online, and I have a friend who uses Airbnb for all her travels. This just happened to be our cheapest option.




The Big Island of Hawaii has so much to offer. It’s by far the largest island of of Hawaii and yet it is the least populated. There is one active volcano (Kilauea) and several more that have formed the beautiful island. Below are some photos of what we did while we were there – but there is still so much to be done! I most definitely want to get back there and visit other islands!

Hiking Rainbow Falls  and Akaka Trails to the Waterfalls



Visiting the Lava Tube


Scenic Volcano Helicopter Ride with Paradise Tours

IMG_3260 copy

IMG_3244 copyIMG_3246

Snorkling in Kealakeukua Bay: It was very rocky so I didn’t snorkle much but supposedly this is where the writers of Disney’s Finding Nemo came for inspiration. We also snorkled at a few other beaches around Kona that had more sand and the water was less turbulent. Renting an underwater camera was a great idea!






Manta Ray Night Cruise – This was probably my favorite activity. This event started as a research and observation site almost 40 years ago. The scientists studying the manta rays figured out that the lights from the boats attracted a lot of krill, which in turn attracted manta rays who feed on the krill. Manta rays are much larger than stingrays and can get up to 40 feet across! The average age of manta rays is relatively unknown, and there are some manta rays they have marked that are STILL coming to the observation site to feed. These things are huge, and awesome, and one came up and touched my pregnant belly with it’s belly while I was floating. Trip. Made.

Manta Ray Excursion

Manta Ray Excursion

Manta Ray Excursion

Manta Ray Excursion

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 8.51.35 AM

Visiting the Observation Posts – I didn’t actually get to do this, because the elevation would be too much change in pressure for the little growing bean inside of me. The hubby got to go up with his dad, and he said it’s wonderful!


Hawaiian Luau – a MUST DO if you go to Hawaii. I loved it because 1) food, 2) history of the Hawaiian Islands, 3) entertainment, and 4) FOOD.

IMG_3288IMG_3290IMG_3296_2IMG_3304 copy

Maternity Pictures at Old Kona Airport Beach – I was so excited to get to do this! I know that a lot of women aren’t able to get maternity pictures done, and definitely not while on vacation! The photographer I hired was so easy to work with, and did a fantastic job hiding my ginormous and swollen ankles (ah, the pregnant life). Leigh Conradt gave us a ton of edited photos so I just picked out some of my favorites. I recommend her work to anyone!

2G1A7901 copy

M29 copy

2G1A8011 copy2G1A8375 copy

Kilauea Glow Observation Deck: This was awesome! We couldn’t see the lava flow too well from the helicopter ride since it was a daytime ride, but the observation deck was the best next thing.


Well that was a long post but there’s no way I could fit in all that we did.

Have you been to Hawaii? What was your favorite part? Comment and let me know!




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