Lillie Bugz Children’s Boutique 

It feels really good when I roll into my little hometown and see that businesses are growing and taking up blank spaces down Main Street. One such business is this adorable little shop my friend Billie Jo recently opened. Billie Jo and I met while working at the hospital, and her daughter Lillie has always been her muse (obviously)! Her namesake store is a boutique that has trendy children’s clothes and maternity clothes as well.

Lillie bugzchildrens boutique

The simple but organized set up is perfect for any momma or daddy wanting to take the kids shopping too. Comfy seating is available and all the clothes are at adult-height, so the little ones can run around. She even has a play room situated right next to a dressing room.

Isn’t it adorable! It’s a good thing my hubby was there, or else I would have bought the whole store. I love supporting small town businesses, and this one will for SURE always be on my list when I visit home. There’s not really anything like it in Potosi, so I’m positive LillieBugz will continue to thrive! Great job Billie Jo!

* I was not compensated in any way to write this post, I just seriously love small businesses!*


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